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Do I need a license to provide electrical installations within my own dwelling or building?

If you are the owner, some municipalities do allow you the right to install your own wiring. As long as it is inspected by an authorized inspection agency. However, you must also know, that in certain towns and villages you are not allowed and require a licensed electrical contractor no matter what. What seem to be the current standards in most of the larger towns the owner is permitted to wiring simple outlets, etc. However, they are NOT permitted to wire what is considered high hazard areas, such as POOLS, SERVICE CHANGES and HEATING SYSTEMS.

Some towns are now requiring a test that will enable them to prove to the municipality that they are competent to install the wiring.

I suggest contacting your local town or village and requesting information relating to electrical installations and requirements. Call, fax or e-mail your request, I will guide you to the proper authority.


In the past this was called a Board of Fire Underwriters Certificate. However, since the New York Board of Fire Underwriters is a private company and not a State Agency, the proper designation for a certificate issued by an authorized inspection is "ELECTRICAL APPROVAL CERTIFICATE".

What is UL?

UL, Underwriters Laboratories;, is a testing company that provides testing on products for safety and usage. They are not associated with an electrical inspection. Often our certificate is incorrectly referred to as a UL certificate, although the correct reference should be Electrical Approval Certificate.

Are there State Inspectors?

No, there are no such employee as a State Electrical Inspector that is employed to provide inspection services in Nassau or Suffolk County. What many people have stated to us, is "The State Inspector was here and he said...". After asking certain questions, it was an inspector from the New York Board of Fire Underwriters, which is a private inspection agency.

Are our Certificates accepted in every town, village and city?

No, our list of approved areas is under "Nassau/Suffolk Village Served", or call for an update list.

Can I wire my own pool?

No, pools are one of the most serious life safety areas. In most cases pools are installed for recreational use with children. If the pool is not wired as per the National Electrical Code, NEC Part 680, it is not a safe pool. Consult a licensed electrical contractor for pricing on pool wiring.

After the inspection, do our inspectors correct the violations?

No we are an inspection agency and independent licensed electrical contractors provide violation corrections. Check your local yellow pages for a licensed electrical contractor.

What is the standard time frame that all violations are sent to the local municipality?

30 days after the initial inspection we send a "NOV" Notice of Violation to the owner and or contractor. If there is no response in 30 days, then we send a second notice to all parties concerned. Within 15 days of the second notice, total 45 days, with no response; we automatically send the entire file to the town having jurisdiction. Once this occurs, your file is closed and a new application is required.

How do I request for an inspection?

BY phone, fax or mail. Customers with accounts have access via the internet.

If my contractor requested the inspection, can I obtain a copy of it directly from this company?

No, you must obtain your certificate from your electrical contractor and or person who requested the application. We have a contractual agreement with that person, although it may be your property that was inspected.

Are any inspection agencies permitted to make up their own laws and rules?

No. An approved inspection agency is required to follow the Building Code of New York State.

What if my needs are different and not listed in the Building Code of NYS? What are my choices?

You can apply for a variance with the Secretary of State Codes Division.

What trade Associations are on Long Island?

Nassau Electrical League, Suffolk County Electrical Contractors Association.

If you have any questions that are not listed here, please e-mail, fax, write and/or call, our staff and we will be more then glad to assist you.

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